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General Principles Of European Community Law

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This book is based on a selection of papers presented at the Conference in Malmu, Sweden, which was organized by the Swedish Network for European Legal Studies in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of the University of Lund.

The purpose of the conference was to analyze general principles and their scope in the EU legal order with special emphasis on their role in the creation of a jus commune europaeum. The impact of the general principles of Community Law at the national level was analyzed and also how these principles have been transformed into the national legal systems.

Also discussed was the creative process behind the shaping and further development of the general principles and their application. Due to their complex nature, the general principles offer a more or less unlimited field for theoretical legal studies.

At the same time, the general principles play a very important role in legal practice, not least when used as instruments for the protection of individuals and firms against too far-reaching measures taken by the European institutions or Member States.

A Quarter Century Of Community Psychology

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Within the field of psychology, community psychology specifically challenges traditional ways of thinking by considering people as embedded in ecological systems. It also recognizes that the links between persons and settings may be as important as either factor alone.
Many of the important writings in this field have been presented in the American Journal of Community Psychology. As such, the intellectual history of community psychology has been presented in this journal. This work contains original research from the first 25 years of the journal, selected to reflect community psychology's rich tradition of theory, empirical research, action, and innovative methods. The articles included reflect both the enduring values of the field and data that sparked the field to move forward.
This volume will be of interest to community mental health workers, social science and social work researchers, health care professionals, policy makers, and educators in the fields of community and preventative psychology.

The Creation Of A Professional Learning Community For School Leaders

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