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The Joyous Festival Cookbook

RRP $13.99

Helpful, simple menu plans and recipes for the Jewish Holidays. This cookbook will help make the holidays a lot easier so everyone can enjoy them without a lot of mishegas. the Joyous Festival cookbook provides great menu plans and recipes to help make your Jewish holidays tasty and traditional.

Race, Beauty, And Politics In Chinese American Festivals

RRP $341.99

Through multi-site, multi-media, and multi-language ethnographic and historical research, the author demonstrates that during the twentieth century, as the mainstream definition of Americanness changed from whiteness to assimilation and to ethnic diversity, the meaning of being Chinese evolved. Jinzhao Li demonstrates the shifts that occurred from non-assimilation in the 1910s and Americanization in the 1930s to exoticization in the 1950s-1960s, pan-ethnicization in the 1970s, and localization in the 1990s and 2000s. She focuses on the transformation and self-representation of the Chinese American community through its biggest annual events. Different from many contemporary studies of U.S. ethnic festivals and beauty contests that adopt a white/non-white analytical binary, this book proposes a colonial settler-indigenous triangular model in understanding U.S. racial relations and ethnic self-representation.

A Virtual Festival With Celebrity Mothers Of The Bible

RRP $17.99

What's a mother to do, besides dishes and dinners and dirty laundry? Being a mom is one of the very best "jobs" a woman can have, but sometimes it would be nice to slip away for a conference with other moms, right? Grateful mom, and now grandmother, Margery Kisby Warder invites readers to a "virtual" retreat that fits any mom's schedule and nearly every budget. Margery believes we need never outgrow our imaginative gifts, so she's prepared a "women's event" that an attendee holds in her hands. Of course a few friends could gather while little ones are preoccupied and discuss what the virtual guest speakers told about their lives as mothers. Who wouldn't want to hear from Eve? From Mrs. Noah? How about listening to wealthy Sarah and the lessons she's learned after giving birth to Isaac when she's ninety? These celebrity women of the Bible will the the presenters - but if you put the book down, you can come back to the very last word she spoke. Why, that may even be almost as good as getting together with other gals for a ladies' time away. The price of the ticket to this event is whatever you paid for the book. The worth? That depends upon how much you gather from the speakers, the author's comments, and the scriptures that are printed within the book for your easy access to them. Come on, get comfortable, the festival for women is about to begin and no one is going to take that spot reserved for you.


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