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Coming Soon To A Festival Near You

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This is an outstanding anthology of work on film-festival programming. Combining theoretical and historical overviews with detailed studies of individual festivals and personal testimonies from experts long associated with film festivals, the book makes a thorough, wide-ranging and insightful effort at covering a field that has been significantly neglected in scholarship. As the first book to make film-festival programming its main focus, the book should be considered an essential contribution to the growing body of published work on film festivals. Chris Fujiwara, Artistic Director, Edinburgh International Film Festival By focusing specifically on programming strategies, Coming Soon to a Theatre near You gives a new twist to the frequently discussed topic of film festivals as 'alternative distribution networks'. The book makes a distinctive contribution to the field by fusing certain preoccupations in the burgeoning area of festival studies with the intricacies of programming. Richard Porton, Cineaste Jeffrey Ruoff has tracked down film festival insiders as well as key researchers in the emergent field of film-festival studies. The combination makes for a valuable synergistic anthology that lays bare the inner workings of a world too often trivialized or deified by those who don't realize what transpires 'behind the curtain.' This important collection raises the bar on festival writing, interrogates questions of taste and marketing, and offers a model for the next stage of study. B. Ruby Rich, Professor, Film and Digital Media Department, University of California, Santa Cruz

A Virtual Festival With Celebrity Mothers Of The Bible

RRP $17.99

What's a mother to do, besides dishes and dinners and dirty laundry? Being a mom is one of the very best "jobs" a woman can have, but sometimes it would be nice to slip away for a conference with other moms, right? Grateful mom, and now grandmother, Margery Kisby Warder invites readers to a "virtual" retreat that fits any mom's schedule and nearly every budget. Margery believes we need never outgrow our imaginative gifts, so she's prepared a "women's event" that an attendee holds in her hands. Of course a few friends could gather while little ones are preoccupied and discuss what the virtual guest speakers told about their lives as mothers. Who wouldn't want to hear from Eve? From Mrs. Noah? How about listening to wealthy Sarah and the lessons she's learned after giving birth to Isaac when she's ninety? These celebrity women of the Bible will the the presenters - but if you put the book down, you can come back to the very last word she spoke. Why, that may even be almost as good as getting together with other gals for a ladies' time away. The price of the ticket to this event is whatever you paid for the book. The worth? That depends upon how much you gather from the speakers, the author's comments, and the scriptures that are printed within the book for your easy access to them. Come on, get comfortable, the festival for women is about to begin and no one is going to take that spot reserved for you.

The Christmas Kalends Of Provence And Some Other Provencal Festivals

RRP $16.99

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.


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